Gibson J 200 Parlor Custom

gibson j 200 parlor custom

Do you like the Gibson J 200 Parlor Custom Guitar? We can cunstom for you as the original.And the most important thing is that as long as you send pics to us,we can make a guitar you want for you.What are you waiting for? Take actions!

The tortoise pickguard for the J-200 Standard is Gibson’s standard Super Jumbo shape, hand-engraved with floral traditional J-200 and vine design, surrounded by a colored border cream with yellow and orange dots.
Gibson put the first crown peghead logo on an ES-300 in 1940, and he honored the dolls of many legendary Gibson guitars ever since, including J-200 Standard today. Over the years, it has also been called a “thistle” because the group of flowering plants with prickles, but Gibson has preferred to call a Crown .

Grover Rotomatic tuners originals are an engineering marvel, with style and performance exactly suited for the J-200 standard. With a gear ratio of 14: 1, the Rotomatics deliver tuning in a durable box tier that provides maximum protection for speed and not cha post. All moving parts are cut to the exact mesh, thereby eliminating the possibility of slippage. A countersunk tension screw lets players regulate the tuning tension to any degree. A special lubricant inside the box of speeds ensures stability of accuracy and smooth adjustment.

Since its first appearance in 1937, Gibson J-200 set a standard others have been trying to match ever since. Today, nearly 71 years later, the legacy of “King of the Flat Tops” Gibson lives in Gibson J-200 acoustic-electric guitar standard. When introduced in 1930, the J-200 (also referred to as SJ-200) immediately respond to a need for a more balanced and powerful deep sound. It gave purveyors of the new American music scene of the 1930s, a reliable well built instrument, capable of projecting the sound of the guitar well beyond any other acoustic on the market-a fact that still holds true today . It is simply the world’s most famous acoustic guitar, and certainly one of the most popular, as evidenced by the list of players who have made their primary acoustic instrument, among them Ray Whitley, Emmylou Harris, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry Gram Parsons and Pete Townshend. Includes case.¬†

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