Gibson J2000 Sale



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Has anyone seen, read or heard about this guitar I’m not much for cutaways, but I think it’s a great looking instrument. The seller says absolutely nothing about the sound of the guitar. looks pretty cool I think, it would be nice to have a unique guitar like that. The 1996 model, which was started in 1994, then sat unfinished on a shelf in the Custom Shop 1996, when it was finished.

The J-2000 was introduced in 1992, one of the fruits of Ren Ferguson (s), and the J-1000 less ornate and flowery halfway J-1500. The J-2000 is the most blinged-out three. All three are made with spruce top and rosewood back and c sides, although the J-2000 is a Custom Shop guitar, can be, and was also built with maple back and c sides, koa (one of my favorites) and other woods. Mine has beautiful r / w b & Indian amp; s, and a red spruce top.

The other two (J-1000 and J-1500) only managed a few dozen copies, and were discontinued in 1993, I believe, while the J-2000 crossed for a good ten years was officially abandoned in 2005 and beyond.
For fun, here is a comparison c Te-xc side of the J-2000 and J-1500 (sunburst). You will notice that the J-1500 has not up nets abalone, and features a different set of marquetry (essentially overlays the Nick Lucas). 

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